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Special Classes

          Special Classes address specific training issues or topics.  See the class calender for class availability.

Park Agility

You don't need access to a bunch of expensive and space hogging training equipment to learn agility!  All you really need is your dog, a local park, a clicker, tasty dog treats, and a tupperware container top!  Come see how far creativity can take you in teaching your dog agility skills.  In this class you and your dog will learn & practice real agility skills in a natural park setting.  You & your dog will learn the tunnel, dog walk, table, jump, target, & learn how to use trees & other natural obstacles to teach your dog to circle around and weave.  This class is based partially on ideas presented by dog trainer Emily Larlham in her award winning video, "Tree Agility."   This class requires prior completion of a basic obedience class & a reasonable degree of off leash control.

Grooming Remediation

           Grooming does not need to be a stressful experience or a battle for your dog.  This 45 minute to 1 hour class is for the dog that is difficult to handle or groom.  If you, your groomer, or pet care professional have difficulty clipping your dog's nails, brushing your dog, or examining your dog, this class is for you.  This class will help your dog learn to relax when groomed or examined, & will build your dog's trust during the process.  This class is based upon the principles of systematic desensitization & counterconditioning, two proven tools used to conquer fears & phobias.

Canine Body Language

Does your dog cower or urinate when approached by one of your family members or by a stranger?  Has your dog bonded with some family members but not others?  Does your dog just seem to dislike certain people, but you can't figure out why?  This class will teach you the basics of canine body language & will teach you how to use your body language to solve behavior problems & to improve your relationship with your pet.  This class will also cover how to use body language & touch to comfort your pet when he or she is afraid.

Managing Multi-dog households

          If you have two dogs or more, you know how easily your home can turn into a zoo.  This class covers the essential practices that owners of multible dogs can follow to ensure a more peaceful & harmonious existence.  This class also presents vital tips for preventing aggression among members of the pack. 

Teach any dog to retrieve

       Does your dog chase after toys but not bring them back?  When retrieving does your dog lose focus & quit after a few tosses?  Does your dog seem to have no inclination to retrieve at all?  Let your dog surprise you!  Yes, any dog can learn to retrieve.  The retrieve is a great tool because gives you an easy way to exercise & interact with your pet.  In this class you & your dog will learn an informal, play-based retrieve that will enhance your relationship & provide years of enjoyment.


Interested in one of these classes?  Have a particular interest or issue you would like to address?  Click here.

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