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Puppy Class Series

         Puppy training classes encourage the development of a strong & healthy dog-owner bond, start the socialization process, & help prevent the development of negative behavior patterns and habits.
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior suggests that the first 3 months of life are the "primary & most important time" to seek the benefits of a puppy class (2008, p.1).

          In the puppy class series, we will cover puppy basic commands, housetraining, chewing behaviors, preparation for handling or grooming, relinquishing objects, appropriate play with your puppy, puppy manners, puppy nuisance behaviors, & more.  We will also address the all important leadership & managment issues relating to puppies.

Puppy 1:  housetraining, the crate, chewing, socialization, puppy management, redirecting behavior.

Puppy 2:  sit, building confidence, appropriate play, puppies & children, puppy attention, come

Puppy 3:  sit, sit-stay, walk on leash, come, puppy manners

Puppy 4:  down, walk on leash, go to boundary, relinquishing objects, puppy manners

Puppy 5:  down, down stay, go to boundary, boundary stay, preparation for grooming & handling

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