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Private Pet training & Dog Obedience Classes in San Angelo, Texas
Private Training

Private pet training options in San Angelo

           Every dog & owner team learns in a different way, & has different training needs.  Sometimes the special training needs of owners & their dogs make private training a more optimal solution.  Other times owners simply desire a more convenient & customized training option for their dog.  The beauty of private training lies in its flexibility.  With private training, you can focus on any area of training you need to focus on, or work in any environment you need to work in.            

When you begin private training with me, we will first sit down for a free training consultation & assessment.  During the assessment I will conduct an in depth interview to determine your training goals & to determine how you & your dog learn best.  After the interview, I will carefully review with you the goals you have shared to make sure I understand them fully.  I will also discuss a tentative plan of action to accomplish your goals.  After reviewing your training goals and deciding on a course of action, we will get to work!  Please note:  although the initial training consultation is free, standard rates apply to the ensuing lesson on the first day. 

What you will learn.

Every dog & owner team learn at a different rate & emphasize different goals.  However, most owners like their dogs to have basic manners & to respond to basic commands under a variety of situations.  The manners issues we typically address include, but are not limited to, jumping up, door bolting, on leash dog aggression, stealing items, chewing, pulling on leash, & barking.  The commands we typically introduce during the training include sit, down, stay, boundary stay, walk on a loose leash, & come.  When working in a private setting we also develop leadership & management skills.

In home training 

Because San Angelo is a relatively small town, I am able to conduct most private training in the comfort of your own home at reasonable rates.  In home training is a highly customized & personalized training experience.  Your in home training appointments will provide you with the convenience of on site service along with solutions targeted directly towards you & your dog’s unique needs.  I offer multiple in home training options designed to fit your needs, your schedule, & budget.  If you live outside the city limits, click here to read about your private training options.

In home a La Carte Training (Single Lesson)

If you would like to see what in home training is like, are not sure what option is best for you, or just need help on a limited basis, this option is for you. 

In Home Training Packages

Training packages allow you to accomplish a more comprehensive set of goals or to pursue individual goals in more depth.  The discounts provided in the training packages add value to the services.  When I develop your individualized training program with you, you can choose between 3 types of in home training packages to suit your needs.  In general, packages consist of 6 one hour long sessions scheduled at your convenience over several weeks. 

Private Training Lessons Package       

          This option is for folks who would like to stay very involved in the training process.  This option requires more work on your part, but also enables you to learn the most.  

Fast Track Training Package

          This option is for folks who would like quicker results or who have difficulty scheduling time to work with their dog on a consistent basis.

Doggy-cise Package 

          If your dog is full of energy and you need help wearing him or her out, this option is for you!  Doggy-cise is not your typical dog walk.  It is a high intensity walk/ exercise/ play combination specifically designed to get high energy dogs & puppies tired!   

Premium Overnight Training

On a limited basis I offer premium overnight training opportunities.  These services are reserved for owners that would like to offer their pets overnight training in an quiet, comfortable, & stress free setting.


Opportunities for residents outside the city limits

          I offer 3 different opportunities if you are a resident outside of San Angelo.  First, you may schedule in home training with your pet.  I will be happy to work with you & your pet.  However, I must assess additional gas & convenience charges for each visit. 

          Second, you may schedule an a la carte lesson or  set up a private lesson package at one of the many public parks I utilize in the city.

          Third, you may sign up for the premium overnight training opportunities.

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