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Private Pet training & Dog Obedience Classes in San Angelo, Texas
Private Lesson Packages

About private in home pet training in the San Angelo area:

In Home Private Training Lessons Package       

          This option is for folks who would like to stay very involved in the training process.  This option requires more work on your part, but also enables you to learn the most.  You know the saying, "Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime?"  Well that's the idea here.  Each training package consists of 6 one hour training sessions scheduled at your convenience over several weeks.

          The training will begin with a free in depth behavior consultation and assessment. 
After the consultation, I will work with you to develop an individualized training program, based upon a realistic assessment of your goals, your budget, & your schedule.  Because everybody's needs & goals are different, the training program length varies for each dog & owner.  After the consultation we will get to work!  Please note:  althought the consultation is free, standard rates apply to the ensuing training on that day. 

          If you would like to stay involved in the training, but are unsure about your time committment, we can discuss how you can more fully customize your training by incorporating elements of fast track training into your dog's training plan.

          If your dog or puppy has demanding exercise needs, we can also discuss the possibility of incorporating a doggy-cise package into your dog's training plan.  

Click to schedule your in home pet training consultation and private dog obedience lesson in the San Angelo area.

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