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Private Pet training & Dog Obedience Classes in San Angelo, Texas
Premium Overnight Training

About premium pet obedience training services in the San Angelo area:

Premium Overnight Training

           On a limited basis I offer premium overnight training opportunities.  Premium overnight services are for owners that would like to provide their pets overnight training in an quiet, comfortable, & stress free setting.  Premium overnight training works well for owners that would like for their dog to begin training away from home, or owners that would like to coordinate their pet's training with a vacation.  Premium training also benefits owners that have pets requiring intensive rehabilitation.  

          I customize all premium overnight training to meet your particular needs & situation.  Premium overnight training begins with a free in depth behavior consultaion & training evaluation.  After the consultation, I will work with you to develop an individualized training program, based upon a realistic assessment of your goals, your budget, & your schedule.  

Because everybody's needs & goals are different, the training program length varies for each dog & owner.  Premium overnight training starts with the overnight phase of the training.  During the overnight phase, I work with your dog twice a day in both indoor & outdoor environments.  I customize all training sessions according to the plan of action we have developed for your pet.  Each training session lasts approximately one half hour. 

          When your pet is ready to be returned, we schedule a minimum of 3 follow-up sessions.  During the follow-up sessions, I show you how to continue with the training your dog has achieved,  and help you develop the leadership and management skills necessary for success over the long haul.

If, after the overnight training & follow up you find you need additional assistance, or you decide you would like to freshen your training skills, we can discuss the possibility of incorporating additional private lessons into your dog's training plan.

          If, after the overnight training you feel your dog needs more one on work with me, we can also discuss the possibility of applying a fast track training package to your dog's developmental plan. 

          If your dog or puppy has demanding exercise needs, we can also discuss the possibility of incorporating a doggy-cise package into your dog's behavioral plan.  

Click to schedule your private pet training consultation and dog obedience lesson in the San Angelo area.

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