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Group Training

Puppy Class Series (for dogs up to 5 months old)

            It is important for you to begin training when your dog is a puppy.  The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior suggests that the first 3 months of life are the "primary & most important time" to seek the benefits of a puppy class (2008, p.1).  There is a series of 6 puppy classes.  Click here to learn more about the puppy class series. 

Basic Obedience Class Series

          The basic obedience class series is designed to teach not only obedience, but also the leadership skills, communication skills, and management skills key to a successful relationship with your dog.  Click here to learn more about the basic obedience class series.

Off Leash Obedience Class Series

          The off leash obedience class series is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to handle your dog off leash.  Click here to lean more about the off leash obedience class series.

Special Classes

          Special classes present special topics or issues.  Most of the special classes last 1 or 2 sessions.  If you have a particular interest or issue you would like to learn more about, please make a suggestion here.