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          "Robert began training our Golden Retriever, Brinkley, when she was 5 months old.  Over the last 3 years, her transformation from a wild little puppy to the now well-behaved young adult dog has been amazing, thanks to Robert's consistency and dedication.  His ability to communicate with Brinkley is remarkable.  He always seems to know what she is thinking, and she responds appropriately to his every word.  He has taught us, as well.  We understand how to train her with positive reinforcement.  Robert always uses positive reinforcement techniques -- never punishment -- in his training.  This method is the only way to train, in our opinion.  We have and will continue to recommend Robert to anyone considering a professional to assist them with training their pet. "

Thank you Robert,

Dan and Charla Edwards
San Angelo, Texas

          "In the summer of 2009 I aquired an English Bulldog puppy and I was so excited, but I had read that they were a stubborn bunch.  I remembered working with Robert Broussard, a certified pet trainer with a border collie a few years before, and knew I had a good answer for the stubborn streak.  Robert began working with "Slater" and me after helping us determine our goals. Because Slater had so many assertive tendencies, I wanted him to learn to be a gentleman and have some basic manners, such as no jumping on people, behaving around other animals (cats included), not running out of an open door, getting in and out of a car, going to the vet, and a respect for my leadership.  Robert taught us that consistency is key. He used food as a motivator, but also taught me how to use positive attention and play to motivate Slater.  Helping me teach Slater a solid sit stay was useful in helping me accomplish a lot of my goals.  I still use this tool daily.  As we progressed in the training, Robert incorporated some of Slater's housemates (a tea cup yorkie, a mixed breed lab and a few cats) into the training sessions. This helped Slater and I stay on with the training later when Robert wasn't there. We would repeat commands until Slater felt really comfy in the routine.  Robert never used punishment or fear to establish control.  Helping me to establish leadership has been helpful because both the tea cup yorkie and bulldog like to compete with one another.  Now it's great when company comes or the routine is not the same because the dogs all have a good set of rules to go by.  The dogs are pretty comfortable in most situations now since they have been taught to relax, sit and wait until they get another command. They all have a great level of confidence because of Robert. I can't endorse Robert enough, and I have referred several friends to him for advice and training, and all of them have so many positive things to say about his professionalism, patience and his gentle way with the animals. We all love our animals and we all must love them enought to train them and maintain the training."

Dr. Darci Stotts
Stotts Chiropractic
San Angelo, Texas

          "In the fall of 2007, I adopted a 7 month old male great dane puppy, named Tank, weighing 130lbs+ and growing every day.  I realized when I took him home that I had gotten in over my head.  He was skiddish, nervous around men in particular, and had very low self-confidence in everyday situations.  At the time, I was a veterinarian assistant at a local animal hospital in San Angelo.  After the first session, I knew Robert was a good trainer.  He was patient, calm, and knew exactly what to do to get Tank to respond positively.  I can honestly say, that without the help of Robert, there is NO way I would have gotten Tank controlled on a leash, and able to walk around public places like the park, the pet store, or even play with other dogs. Tank was able to make friends with many people and dogs of all sizes, EVEN cats!! Amazingly I can say we even took him to the local lake and Tank got into a kayak! Now how many big dog owners can say that?  Tank was a beloved member of my family and I am very happy to recommend Robert's services to any and all people looking for a professional dog trainer that truly has a way with animals."

Sarah Sousa
Ft. Stewart, GA

          "We decided to seek training for Phantom, our blind mini-aussie puppy.  Our daughter in law, Kristen had brought her rat terrier Teddy to Robert to be trained.  The results were wonderful, so we decided to try with Phantom.  Because of her blindness, we had been overprotective of Phantom, and had been lax on training her.  As a result, she had developed some bad habits, and had started training us instead of us training her!  She was also herding us, and it was becoming painful when she nipped.  Robert was so kind and caring with Phantom and did a wonderful job with her.  She now sits and stays , lays down and stays, and comes when called.  These were big accomplishments for her since she is blind .  Robert taught us how to stop the nipping, and this alone has made her even more a delight to live with.  She is also completely house trained due to his dilligent work with her.

          Robert thought of wonderful ways to help Phantom learn her commands better.  He also took her out to Lowes and to Pet Smart to socialize her, and to help her get used to loud noises and new surroundings.  Phantom's confidence around loud noises, new surroundings, and new situations has improved greatly.
Robert also taught Phantom how to use the dog door.  Thank you so much for working with Phantom, teaching her so much, and showing her such love and kindness. The training notes you provided us have helped us continue her training, and she is now flourishing.  We really do appreciate your help, and will bring her back to learn more in the future."

Stan and Sue Partee
Partee Drilling Co & Partee Enterprises
Big Spring, Texas

          "We adopted Molly, (a 3 1/2 yr. old Lab.)  from our local animal shelter.  It only took a couple of days for us to realize we needed help.  A mutual friend recommended Robert and from day one the change was remarkable.  Robert doesn't take your dog and train it, he teaches you how to manage the situation.  We have had private lessons and completed a series of group obedience classes.  It's been 4 yrs. since we first met and we still call him if something new comes up.  Molly loves Robert, we highly recommend him to all our friends."

Kerry & Kay Bruton
Bruton Easy-Pull Trailers
San Angelo, Texas

          "When my husband surprised me with an 8 week old Akita a few years ago, it didn't take me long to figure out that I did not speak Akita.  A friend recommended pet training by Robert.  Robert has an amazing connection with dogs.  He not only trained the new puppy, he trained my older Chow too.  He was also very kind and patient with me, as I am older and just as stubborn as my dogs!  I wouldn't have been able to keep my Akita puppy without Robert's help.  I am gratefull that I found Robert Broussard.  If you need help with your new puppy, he is the answer to your problem.  Thanks Robert for making our home safer and happier." 

Patricia Reynolds
Springfield, Missouri 

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