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Doggy-cise Packages

About Doggy-cise packages in the San Angelo area:

Energetic dogs & puppies can have exercise needs that are overwhelming for many pet owners.  Many pet owners have limited time to spend exercising their pets, or have physical limitations that prevent them from adequately exercising their pets.  For many energetic dogs & puppies, a typical dog walk is an insufficient outlet for their exercise & play needs.  These dogs need a more intense form of exercise that combines, walking, athletic movement, & play together.

          Inadequate exercise and play is a significant cause of behavioral problems among dogs.  Pets that don't receive adequate exercise & play usually are a lot more difficult to train & work with.  Dogs that receive adequate exercise generally are calmer, more responsive to their owners, and healthier.  Doggy-cise is a form of exercise designed to wear your high energy pet out.  After an hour of doggy-cise, your pet will be ready for a long nap!   

          If you would like to see if doggy-cise is for you, you may schedule 1 doggy-cise session.  The price for one session is $20.

          If you would like to purchase multiple sessions, you may purchase doggy-cise sessions in packages of 6 or 12.  A package of 6 doggy-cise sessions is $108.  A package of 12 doggy-cise sessions is $180.

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