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The Perfect Match in San Angelo, Texas

         Choosing the right pet is one of the most important factors that determine whether your relationship with your dog will be successful.  There are a lot of great dogs & great owners out there, but it is compatibility that enables a great dog & great owner to make a great team.  If your relationship with your pet is going to be successful it is important that you find a pet that has a sound temperament & that fits your lifestyle & personality. 

         Finding a pet that will be ideal for families with children is a particularly difficult task. The energy level, psychological needs, and stress tolerance of many dogs make them poor candidates for a family environment.  Descriptions of breeds found within books or breed guides can sometimes be of little use due to variations of personality & temperament within individual breeds. 

         When considering a puppy or dog for adoption, one of the most important factors to consider is known behavioral history.  For puppies, the training & behavioral history of the sire & dam can give you some information about their behavioral health.  For adult dogs, specific information about the dog's observed behavior from documents, shelter staff & rescue volunteers can be very helpful.  Unfortunately, oftentimes little to nothing is known about the puppy's or dog's behavioral history.  When this is the case, a temperament test can provide important information to potential owners regarding adoptability.  

What is a temperament test?

          A temperament test is a formalized test that helps identify a dog's behavior & personality traits, & helps screen a dog for different types of aggression.  A temperament test is different from a casual assessment of behavior, because it tests a dog's reaction to common real life conditions that the dog will experience as a pet inside & outside of a new home.  For example, a temperament test might test a dog's reaction when approached when chewing a pig's ear, or test a dog's reaction when approached by a friendly, neutral, or unfriendly stranger.  Temperament tests are useful because they can uncover important behavioral information commonly missed in a casual behavioral assessment.    

         If you are thinking of adopting a new dog, let me help you find your perfect match!  My knowledge of the breeds & understanding of dog temperament will enable me to help you find your perfect match.  Remember, you will live a decade or more with your new pet, and will be spending many thousands of dollars on his or her care over a lifetime.

         There are many different ways that I can help you find your perfect match.   I can:

  1. evaluate individual dogs you are considering
  2. help you decide the breed that is best for you
  3. help you develop a prospective pet profile
  4. help you evaluate a breeder
  5. provide you with temperament testing tips
         When we sit down to discuss choosing your pet, you can simply let me know the amount of involvement you would like me to have.

         Remember, there is no way to absolutely guarantee a dog's temperament.  Also, no matter how ideal the pet you choose is, early training will play a vital role in ensuring your relationship starts off on the right paw. 

         Click here to schedule an adoption consultation, or to schedule a free training consultation & obedience lesson in San Angelo. 

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